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From AqFad2811/epg/singapore.xml

Available Channels

Widevine Key + Key ID : Deprecated

Widevine URL contains channel below :

  1. Channel 5
  2. Channel 8 / 8 频道
  3. Channel U / U 频道
  4. Channel Suria
  5. Channel Vasantham
  6. CNA
  7. oktolidays
  8. eGG Network

Tokyo 2020 Olympics


This playlist contains Opening Ceremony + Closing Ceremony series from MediaCorp SG.


You may use any of the IPTV player that support Widevine URL to play Widevine URL playlist.

Example :

  1. Tivimate
  2. OTT Navigator
  3. TVirl

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  3. AqFad2811
  4. iptv-org